Women's Recovery Collective

Led by our Recovery Coach Emily, this group is a safe place to explore recovery, engage in wellness activities and get back to living a whole, fulfilling life.

Mondays at 6pm!

Amery Community Center

608 Harriman Ave S, Amery, WI 54001

FREE Women's Recovery Coaching

Through a partnership with the Marshfield Clinic Health System AmeriCorps Recovery Corps program, We Support Recovery offers free women’s recovery coaching services in Polk & Burnett counties. While in recovery coaching, you will create your own wellness plan, set goals and develop skills. Your peer mentor and recovery coach walks alongside you in your wellness journey, supporting you in your struggles and celebrating your successes.

We Support Recovery plans to add men’s recovery coaching in 2022. Sign up for our email newsletter to stay up to date with new services and events.

Emily Krentz

Recovery Coach
ph: (715) 598-9898, text or call
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Your Recovery Coach Will...

Support You

Meet with you weekly in-person and keep in touch by call or text in between sessions. We can attend recovery meetings or sober recreation events with you.

Encourage You

Stay at your side through the ups and downs, all of which are opportunities for growth. We will help you find your strengths and celebrate your progress.

Help You Set Goals

Together with your recovery coach, you will create a wellness plan to identify the areas you want to improve- recovery related or personal. We can help identify and remove barriers all while helping you set goals and track progress.

Refer You to Resources

Link you to a recovery community and help you build relationships. We will refer you to other resources that aid in recovery, such as energy assistance, food support, and job training.

Hold You Accountable

We will be a partner in your recovery to support you and ensure that you reach and sustain the goals you have set for yourself.

Serve as a Peer Mentor

We will help you develop and practice life skills such as self care, coping strategies, mindfulness, job skills and educational tools.

File a Complaint

In the event that you would like to report an issue regarding our events, services, board of directors, or volunteers, please email us using the form below. Stacy Hilde will reply in 24-48 hours.

If you have a concern regarding our recovery coaching services, and you were not able to resolve the issue directly with Stacy, please contact Christina Garcia, Recovery Corps Program Coordinator at Marshfield Clinic Health System, at garcia.christina@marshfieldclinic.org.

Thank you for your message of concern with We Support Recovery. We will contact you as soon as possible.
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